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Suzhou Industrial Park First Plastic Co., Ltd. was founded in 1956. Up to now ,it has a history of 62 years in plastic manufacturing. The first 47 years it is the state-owned company called (Suzhou Plastics Factory) . The 15 years after the restructuring it is a private enterprise. During the 15 years, We have re-established the mission, vision and professional positioning of the company. Finally, we decide to focus on providing logistics unit packaging solutions to customers. At present, it has hundreds of varieties of turnover boxes and standardized pallets covering more than a dozen of industries, such as food, clothing, electronics, tobacco, e-commerce, fresh cold chain, automobile, communications, fast consumer products, and so on. Particularly, in the automotive industry, Our box and pallets have a wide range of styles suitable for Japanese, American, European and Korean car parts logistics. More than 3 million sets of turnover containers and pallets are actually provided to the market each year.

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Vegetable plastic crate

Plastic crate with lid

Mesh nestable plastic crate

Solid nestable plastic crate

We provide various capabilitis

1. Product design

2. Product mold library

3. Manufacturing workshop II

4. Manufacturing - workshop

5. Plastic turnover box processing

6. Plastic tray processing

7. Product performance test after production

8. Product scanning and warehousing

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