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    The computer I'm on is actually my boyfriends (OP), but you can kiiind of see mine in the lower right of the picture.

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    Thing is, we don't really know if they are or not, and nobody's really asking the question (or they are, but nobody's really paying attention.)

    The Canadian public doesn't really think that they're doing the same NSA FBI-style tapping because they tried to pass laws allowing them to do it and public pressure made them cancel their plans.

    As far as the public is concerned we eavesdrop and spy on other nations via the CSE and CSIS but as far as spying on our own... well, we stopped them from being able to do it NSA-style.

    What Canadians don't really realize is that we use a lot of American services and the information we submit is susceptible to NSA interception. Simply loading an American .edu domain? Well that request traces through a suspected NSA listening IP.

    Probably the worst culprit is Google with their Android phones and gmail services. If Google's compromised, then they can tell what apps you're using on your phone and what device you have. If they wanted access to your device it's not really a key, but it's a step further.

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    This gets posted 3 or 4 times a year

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    Source video for the cat. I've played that video way too many times.

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    I think some of that might be direct quotes from T2 as well :D

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    This reminds me of a story our family often tells about one of my brothers.

    In preschool, his teachers became quickly concerned with how quiet he was. He frequently played alone and didn't say much to his peers. The teachers felt he needed to be held back or perhaps placed in special ed (due to concerns about autism).

    My mother had the brilliant idea of actually asking him why he didn't talk much in school. "Nothing to say," he replied. Also, he didn't like the other kids.

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    Does anybody know if the European countries use the same unemployment metrics that we do here (U3)?